Projects of Karmaveer Vidya Prabodhini                

1.  Examinations 2.  College
  1.1  Rayat CET Guidence Center 2.1  RTS Colleges
  1.2  Rayat Competitive Exams 2.2  Management Courses
2.3  Earn & Learn Scheme
3.  School 4.  Quiz Contest
  3.1  Military Academy 4.1  Elocution Competition
  3.2  Computer Education
  3.3  Pragati Vidyalaya
  3.4  Rayat Gurukul Prakalp
5.  General
5.1  Rayat Jagruti Prakalp 5.5  Rayat Shikshan Patrika
5.2  Archieves Department 5.6  Career Guidance Issue
5.3  Kala Krida Akadami 5.7  Short-Term Courses
5.4  Technical Education

1.   Examination

    1.1        Rayat CET Guidence Center-        (toc)


     1.2      Rayat Competitive Examination-       (toc)


            Realising the importance of the Competitive Examinations in the context of modern times ,the Sanstha has been trying to make a mark in this field.  A competitive Exam Guidance centre has been opened in Chhatrapati Shivaji College Satara, with a view to creating awareness of the competitive Exams and also offering the guidance and encouragement to the students wishing to make a career in this field. This centre is well equipped with large library of reference books, audio-visual aids and a number of the reputed journals devoted to the various disciplines. At present, some hundred students are benefiting from the centre.

2.  College-       (toc)

        2.1    RTS Colleges-

        Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil used to traverse through Maharashtra in search of talented students whom he brought to Satara and shaped their careers. He would provide for their boarding, lodging and education. To revive this practice and to give it a modern touch ,the Sanstha has formulated an entrance test for the Rayat Talent Search scheme. Under the scheme the student appearing for the Seventh Standard Examination through any of the sanstha's schools will have to go in for the Examination for the papers on scholastic ability &General Knowledge & Intelligence Tests . They will also face the orals .The first 100 students from the successful students' Merit List will receive the Laxmibai Bhaurao Patil Scholarship of Rs. 500 each for the period of three years. The Sanstha has set aside a sum of Rs.10,00.000 for this purpose. The first Examination under the scheme was held in April 99, for which some five thousand students appeared . They will also be provided postal guidance.

        2.2  Management Courses-


        2.3  Earn & Learn Scheme-

                                                          ‘Education through self help’ was the education are, today, making their mark on various fronts. seminal aspect of Karmaveer Bhaurao’s Educational Philosophy at large. He made it a point to inculcate this through his novel idea of ‘Earn while you Learn’ Scheme. The values such as self-reliance, confidence dignity of labour and integrity of mind and character, 
were automatically impressed upon the minds of the students who benefited from this scheme. A number of Students have availed them selves of this scheme and after completing their education they are, today making their mark on various fronts.

3. School      (toc)

        3.1  Military Academy-

          3.2  Computer Education-

         3.3  Pragati Vidyalaya-

         3.4  Rayat Gurukul Prakalp-

4. Quiz Contest   (toc)

        4.1  Elocution Competition-

5.  General   (toc)

    5.1  Rayat Jagruti Prakalp-

    5.2  Archieves Department-

    5.3  Kala Krida Akadami-

    5.4  Technical Education-

    5.5  Rayat Shikshan Patrika-

    5.6  Career Guidance Issue-

    5.7  Short-Term Courses-